Covid-19 Information for Suppliers

To Our Suppliers,

As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making news for the impact it may have on global supply chains.

We can’t control the COVID-19 outbreak nor the shortages and surges it may cause. What we can do is try to mitigate the impacts on supply chains by communicating with one another, working together and planning ahead.

What We Are Doing:

As a Healthcare organisation, our operations are still running and our need for goods and services continue, although possibly at either greater or lesser degrees.

We, like most other organisations, are protecting our staff by supporting homeworking wherever possible.  Therefore please can we ask that due to the reduced staff being able to receive calls that you send any queries directly to [email protected] so that someone will be able to respond to you accordingly.  We cannot guarantee that calls will be answered and we will prioritise invoice related queries.

We will ensure that payments continue to be made, but there may be a small delay in processing these, so can we please ask that you are patient with us.

As the situation progresses, we will stay in close communication with you regarding any additional plans or changes.

What You Can Do:

If you’re expecting a shortage of supply or impact to service?

If you are expecting a shortage of products please can you inform us as soon as possible so that we can plan for this or put alternative solutions in place. The more we can understand what your shortage might look like and when it will happen, the better we can prepare. Please contact your normal operational contact with any information you might have.

Finally and most importantly, as the COVID-19 virus outbreak related events unfold in our communities, we hope you and yours stay safe and healthy.  Thank you for your support.


Heledd Cooper

Director of Finance